Wonham Way and Rad Lane connected

Broadband for Surrey Hills (B4SH) continues to make rapid progress in Peaslake. 

Residents in Wonham Way and Rad lane are the latest customers to be connected to the service and enjoy the benefits of full fibre gigabit internet.

B4SH has extended its cables from the centre of the village where over 40 customers are connected, as well as St Marks church and the Old School Room, as community assets receive a free service.

You may have become aware of commercial internet providers targeting Peaslake and other local areas.  B4SH provides a community full-fibre gigabit internet connection, which is run and supported by local people living in the community and is completely independent of Openreach and other providers.  The network is brand-new, installed out-of-sight underground and does not use anyone else’s poles or cables.  B4SH is not-for-profit, does not increase its prices annually and re-invests surplus funds back into the community.

The next areas that B4SH is focusing on are the Hook Lane and Plaws Hill areas.  If you live there then please get in touch and help make ultrafast gigabit broadband a reality for you and your neighbours.

Members of the B4SH team and some of the local champions are in the Hurtwood Inn every Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm, to answer any questions you may have.  Please drop in and say hello.

As published in Shere Parish Magazine, September 2023

Written by Angus Denny, Operations Director

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Fantastic progress in the Surrey Hills.

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