B4SH connects mountain biking hubs in Peaslake

Anyone who knows a bit about mountain biking, has heard of the fabulous trails in Peaslake. Two local businesses are at the hub of that network, The Hurtwood Inn and The Riders’ Hub in Peaslake, and they’re both now connected to the Broadband for Surrey Hills’ (B4SH) gigabit fibre network.

The pub in Peaslake, a popular venue for mountain bike enthusiasts from all over the south east, now has WiFi speeds 25 times faster! One visitor, when told about the new connection remarked, “Ah, that explains why the WiFi is so good!”

The owner of the pub, Matt Morris, said, “We are really grateful to be one of the first to be connected in the village. It’s made a huge difference to us, for example we can process orders between the bar and the kitchen via the internet cloud, which saves time and is more efficient. Many organisations, especially in rural areas, have struggled financially through Covid so to receive this hugely improved broadband service is fantastic. Our customers are happy and we’re delighted.”

The Riders’ Hub can communicate so much more easily with customers with its improved service. They’re also delighted to have met the team who will be supporting their live connection. “Having that good customer service makes such a difference”, they said.

The pub, meanwhile, is delighted to be a hub for local residents to experience the 600Mb+ WiFi speeds, whilst B4SH continues its network rollout around the village.

As with the rest of the B4SH network, connecting the buildings was done with volunteer effort playing a major part. One local 19-year-old resident says he’s really enjoyed working with B4SH, so much so, he’s continuing to help elsewhere in the village with domestic connections.

As we say to our residents, “We’re powered by the community”. If you want to get involved email enquiries@b4sh.org.uk or call 01483 347437.

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