Albury church receives free hyperfast B4SH broadband

We received some very kind words of thanks from Andrew Pearson, Resident Minister of St Peter and St Paul’s church in Albury.

B4SH connected the church in March 2022 as part of the rollout of service in Albury. B4SH offers free service to all places of worship on their network.

Andrew emailed to say that the church is already feeling the benefits of having a B4SH connection.

After years of relying on our tech team to make a dodgy mobile broadband signal work in the church, it is excellent to have a hyperfast reliable connection from B4SH – which is also free to us as a charitable community organisation. Any other provider would have needed a more difficult cable route, and would have charged us a monthly fee which even at charity rates would not be welcome after the hit of Covid.

It’s particularly valuable because we livestream our services to the housebound and others who can’t get in for services in person. There will also be times when internet and wi-fi in church will help for all sorts of reasons, and if we want we can use it for phone provision too. B4SH were incredibly helpful, and provide a real service to the community.

Andrew Pearson
Resident Minister, St Peter and St Paul, Albury”
B4SH connection at Albury Church
B4SH connection on Church

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