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Broadband For Surrey Hills Ltd

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Tel. 07437 165949


FCA Registration No: 7656

VAT No: 289 5582 37

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The Executive


The Service

Our offer is for a full fibre to the home (FTTH) service with the same 1 Gig (1000 Mbps) speed up and down (symmetric) which provides a fibre link directly into every property. Same speed upload and download means you can upload to cloud servers effortlessly and home-working becomes a viable reality.


We are fortunate indeed to have access direct into Internet Exchanges using the existing fully operational equipment installed by B4RN (Broadband for the Rural North). This solution almost entirely removes all technical risk as the network has been proven since 2012 in Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire Dales. This is world class broadband offering 1Gbs (1000 megabits a second) service speeds and will jump our impoverished from the slow lane to the leading edge of technology and keep them there for decades to come.


Although Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is a proven and robust technology, to ensure maximum reliability it will nonetheless be monitored 24/7.


This dramatic increase in speed and reliability will allow, in addition to the basic broadband service, additional services like alarm system monitoring, remote CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone services (ceasing existing land line charges whilst retaining existing numbers) and the supply of HD (High Definition) television which will change substantially over the coming years with the emergence of YouView broadcast services, on-demand TV and even 3-D. The emerging Ultra HD (4K) and its successor 8K can be handled with ease on the B4SH network.

tube preparation B4RN Barbon first chamber 1513740 1 10 Gig feed, 2 24 way switches, 1 96 + 1 48 patc DSCF9106 Completed splices in tray Fibre colours

Did you know?

Hyperfast broadband speeds can increase the value of your home.


A 2017 survey by revealed that UK residents would happily spend more on a property with excellent broadband speed.  Plus, 80% of those polled said a poor broadband connection would deter them from putting in an offer.


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