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Broadband For Surrey Hills Ltd

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Tel. 07437 165949


FCA Registration No: 7656

VAT No: 289 5582 37

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Run by the people, for the people

Introducing the fastest connectivity in the hills...


Gig Up and Down in the Surrey Hills!


Broadband for Surrey Hills Ltd (B4SH) will solve rural Surrey Hills' broadband problems. B4SH is installing a hyperfast, brand new, independent, highly reliable, broadband network bringing fibre to the home and business.  Speeds will be 1 Gig (1000Mb/sec) download and upload simultaneously – best in class speed, especially in rural areas.

Deepdale Dent mole ploughing Newlands Corner from carpark Cabinet 2  UPS, 4 Switches, 48 & 96 patch pa

Isolated rural communities in the Surrey Hills are desperate for reliable, high-speed internet connections. We are gathering those communities together to enable volunteers to help install our exciting new network.


Key to our success are free wayleaves, investment and the involvement of volunteers.

We have modelled ourselves on the pioneering and successful Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) that has successfully brought hyperfast internet to the rural communities of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. There is no reliance on existing network providers as this is a completely new fibre network.

From the start, Broadband for the Surrey Hills (B4SH) has been run by local people, for local people. B4RN have been very supportive and we even have their first and millionth shareholder  helping us design and build the network!  We are a rural, community-led society, staffed largely by volunteers, installing a state-of-the-art fibre network.

Why B4SH? Watch our short movie to find out why