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Broadband For Surrey Hills Ltd

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Tel. 07437 165949


FCA Registration No: 7656

VAT No: 289 5582 37

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The Executive



Residential customers

Charges (subject to survey and including VAT)     Installation one-time ^      Monthly ongoing

Residential                                                                    £150                                     £45/month inc VAT

^ The installation charge for residential connections will be waived with a minimum investment of £2,000.


Business customers

Charges (subject to survey and excluding VAT)     Installation one-time *      Monthly ongoing

5 or fewer employees                                                    £125                                   £37.50

6 - 15 employees                                                           £250                                   £75

More than 15 employees                                                                  Contact us

* The installation charge for business connections will be waived with a minimum investment in B4SH. Contact us.


All charges are approximate and B4SH reserves the right to adjust installation charges after survey.

Installation charge covers the modem, fibre to the premises, blowing and fusing fibre inside the property.  The only additional cost – which may be done by the home or business owner – is digging in the duct across your property from the boundary.


Every property will receive a totally unlimited 1 Gig up and down service.  Current broadband providers usually reserve this type of symmetric service for their business customers - and then only at significant additional expense.  We provide it to everyone.

Blowing 2f in 7 mm tube DSCF6630 DSCF9101 Preparing fibres for splicing Cabinet 2  UPS, 4 Switches, 48 & 96 patch pa DSCF9107 Splice protectors awaiting splice before

Optional additions from  external providers

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOiP)


You are not obliged to retain a twisted pair land line to make calls, you can use your broadband link. However please contact your VOIP supplier beforehand to transfer your phone number.


Vonage start at £8.50 inc VAT per month.