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Welcome to the B4SH blog


Keeping you up to date with progress on how we are delivering the next generation of broadband service; today.


We are a new local service, 20x faster, reliable and all for a competitive monthly rate.


Giving you a choice!

By Sonya, Jul 24 2018 06:30PM

Calling all community spirited residents, please can you help us verify our address database?

Houses are built, buildings are divided and we need a bit of help. Please can we send you your postcode, you check it for inaccuracies and let us have any amendments.

If you can help, please contact us and tell us your postcode. The more people who help, the quicker this is done.

By Sonya, Jul 23 2018 04:21PM

Great day at Albury Produce Show on Saturday 21 July. Lots of people visited the stand to tell of their frustration with poor service, insufficient bandwidth, unreliability and no choice. Well there is a choice now, and at speeds that will blow your mind!

If you want to know more, sign up on the 'Contact' page and spread the word with all your friends and neighbours. The Surrey Hills is changing and will have next generation broadband service, today.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 26 July at 7pm in Albury Village Hall. Come along and find out more.

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